Monday, March 10, 2014

New Pictures of our Little Boy!!

We received a very special gift today from a sweet friend!

Lots and lots of pictures and some video of our sweet little boy, Little G!

He looks and even acts so much like Ben, it is cute and familiar to see. He looks a lot different from his referral picture since he is older and it is so nice to get a clear picture of his face, a smile and a peek at his personality. One of the video clips they had him say "thank you" in English.

He loved the gifts I sent, a sensory type ball with bumps all over it that lit up when bounced, and a music toy. I knew from experience with our first trip meeting Ben, that his interests would be a lot younger than a typical 6yo...and so music, buttons and light up toys are perfect. I'm planning on bringing more of the same when we go to visit so it will be familiar and since I don't expect that these will last long and still be there in a few months. I'm sure Esther will enjoy them just as much. He didn't seem as interested in the photo album but hopefully he will get to look at it and become familiar with his new family.

I can't wait show you how much he looks like his brother!

But....I'm not sharing ANY of the pictures until our AdoptTogether Fund has $2000 in it! It's currently at $1540 so just $460 to go :)

Would you please share or give you if you feel led?

It's almost the middle of March so we are only a few weeks away from needing the full $7,750 to submit our dossier and we still have $5,210 to go...


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  1. Sending off a donation today. I really want to see those new pictures of your treasure!
    Our family here in NY is cheering for you!!
    love, Esther (purplepetunia from MOMYS)