Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Hopes...Disapointing Results

I had planned on writing a nice post about the Craft Fair we participated in on Saturday as a way to fundraise locally for our adoption. I had hoped to share how well it did and all the people we got to talk to and share our story with.

A lot of work went into getting ready for the craft fair this past weekend. My girls were excited to make loom bracelets and help with the tile coasters. Oh those coasters were a huge headache...I would consider them a Pinterest fail!

All set up with big hopes!
And here are some close ups of the table:

Ben got to come along and he spent the day playing, eating and people watching behind the table :) We got lots of OT practice in to pass the time by coloring and putting puzzles together, much to his disapproval.

The results of the craft fair were not what we expected at all.
There were over 30 vendors/crafters there but the crowds were slow and not friendly, chatty or interested in buying, I guess. We had a few people stop to read our story, one person critiqued one of the things we made and then kept on walking, and we sold one of our African rolled paper bead necklaces. Some wonderful friends drove over an hour to drop off things they had made and donated to us to sell at the craft fair.
That was it...the one sale didn't even cover the cost of renting the space, let alone the costs of the supplies to make the crafts and everything that went into doing this. My girls sold some loom bracelets but at only $.25-$.50 a piece, it doesn't make a dent.
Disappointing? Yes... 
Discouraging? Yes...
Are we going to give up? NO!
We tried our best, and that's all we can do. We had high hopes that this would get us a little closer to having the funds needed to submit our dossier in a matter of weeks but for some reason it did not work out.
So we are going to switch focus now and prepare for our upcoming online auction that will begin on March 30th! We are participating in a group auction with other families adopting from the same country and are hopeful for a great turnout and results. I will share more details plus pictures of some of the items we will have listed soon. We would love it if you could share the link once it is up and running and again if you have anything you would like to donate, that would be wonderful also!
Thank you all for praying about the craft fair and for our adoption!

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  1. Oh no!!! How sad is that??? Can't believe that nobody wanted to have something. It makes me angry but good thing you are not giving up :-) :-)