Thursday, February 27, 2014

Matching Grant Met! Prayer requests...

We wanted to thank everyone who gave and shared to help us meet my Grandma's matching gift!

Your support and prayers mean so much to us!

We now have $2400 in our adoption fund towards Phase 2 of our fees!!

Just $5,350 to go before we can submit our dossier!

To update on our prayer requests...
1. Homestudy is done!
2. Grant application is complete and being overnighted today to get there for tomorrow's deadline.
3. We met our matching grant! 
Still needing prayer:
1. For the grant organizations as they consider our family situation and funding needs for this adoption. We have many more grant applications we'll be mailing out over the next couple of weeks.
2. The official commitment referral for Little G to be received.
3. That we will be able to raise the funds needed by the end of March in order to submit our dossier.
4. For Esther and Little G...for their hearts to be prepared to meet us, for their health and protection.

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