Friday, July 31, 2015

Auction Update and Go Fund Me

Just 4 days left to place your bids on some great books in our children's book auction. So many of them still have low bids, you are sure to get a good deal for a great cause! We are praying for a big finish to help us cover our immediate fees and to be able to start whittling down the amount needed for our dossier fees as well.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the generous authors and illustrators who responded to our request for a signed book to go in our auction. We are so grateful for their willing hearts to help bring our children home.
Please take a look at all their names and support them!

We decided to set up a Go Fund Me page to help spread the word about our adoption and to have a way to accept payments from the auction and our other fundraisers that are easy to access. Donations to our Go Fund Me page (called The Gift of Roots and Wings) are not tax deductible. You can find that at the link below. Please be sure to click on the 'heart' on the corner of the picture so you will receive updates once they are posted.


We are working on preparing for an upcoming spaghetti dinner and silent auction as well as finishing up some handmade crafted items we are excited to share more about. 

Please keep checking back and as always, thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Funding Need Update and Current Fundraisers

**Bumping this with updates 7/28/2015**

Our homestudy is DONE!! Woohoo!! 

That means fees are due ASAP. We found out that we have to pay our post placement report fee to our placing agency before our home study will be released. That means we need to reach $2,100 in our PureCharity fund in order to cover that fee, in addition to the amount needed below. We are $758 short of meeting that amount. Donations to our PureCharity fund ARE tax-deductible. 

From the preliminary totals I've added up so far, we should have enough after the auction ends to cover the fees detailed below-which is wonderful! 

Our next fees:
$1700 Home study 
$890 USCIS
$100 Apostille and shipping fees
-$300 PAID
-$500 PAID
$1,890 still needed by end of next week 

Donations need to go to our Paypal as we won't be able to access what is in our PureCharity fund for these. If you want to help, our pp address is: (please choose friends/family option if possible so fees won't be taken out.) Or you can leave a comment here or email the same address above to get our mailing address. 


Our current fundraisers:

Please share the link and go take a look!!

(Go to the link to see the progress)

We should have some of our craft items ready in the next couple weeks. 
I'm excited about them and hope they turn out well and will be of interest! 
I will post more about those soon.

Thank you so much!

Virginia PER Radio

Our state radio station agreed to share our book auction info on their event calendar every day from now until it ends on August 4th!

Here is tomorrow's listing:

Please pray it will be seen and people will come check it out and bid!

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Story About a Book Addict

Something you might not know about me is that I love books. Makes sense that we would do a book auction, right? They say to do what you know and since I do not have a lot of crafty skills we had to get creative.

Back to the books, though...

I spent every free moment growing up reading-historical fiction being my favorite. During chores, when I was supposed to be sleeping, even during my breaks at work after I finished high school, you would find me reading. I refused to break the spines of books by opening them up all the way. I would hold them open just enough to be able to read the words but tried my best to keep them looking new. I loved the smell of new books, asked for them at every birthday and enjoyed seeing collections all lined up in order together on the shelf. You better believe my siblings liked to bug me by borrowing books and opening them just a bit too much or rearranging my shelves to see if I noticed.

As we began to start our family, I spent a lot of time researching good quality books, character building books and worked on building a library for our children to read one day. I dreamed of having a room just for books that had one of those attached ladders that moved around the shelves to reach the books up high. One series that I loved were the Lamplighter books because they are older stories, packed full of scripture and character lessons and look so nice on the shelves. I read them and looked forward to when our own children would be old enough to read themselves. They all have really enjoy the audio books made by the same publisher using these stories but I hadn't yet felt most of them could be trusted to care for them carefully and to understand the older language in the books to fully enjoy them yet. So the books sat...waiting.

Now that we have been through two adoptions, having to fund-raise the majority of both and selling everything we could find that had value...there is very little left to sell. Then I realized my prized books were still sitting there...and that I needed to use those to help bring our children home.

So I added them to our auction in hopes that someone else would love the stories as much as I have and that it would bring us a little bit closer to reaching our next funding goals. I can always get more books but our children are waiting for us and every day without a family will affect them for the rest of their lives-we need to get them home ASAP!

Please take a look at these great books! Clicking on the picture will take you to the first book on the list and then you can just click on 'next' to move through the rest, or you can go to specific titles below:

House of Love
The Giant Killer
The Lost Ruby
The Bird's Nest
Untamed Thistles
The Grinder's Apprentice
The Battle
The Stranger At Home
The Brave Heart
Venture & Valour
Worth More Than Gold
The Vanished Note
Charlie's Choice
The Little Lamb
The Passage: From Darkness to Light
Tom Watkin's Mistake
Stick to the Raft
The Boy Who Never Lost A Chance
Rosa of Linden Castle
Daring Deeds
The Robber's Cave
The Children of Cloverley
The Boy of Mount Rhigi
The Unexpected Guest
Winter's Folly
Jack the Conqueror
The White Dove
Always in His Keeping
Enoch Roden's Training

Sunday, July 26, 2015

6 Months Home

Esther has been home 6 months!

She's doing so well :)

I missed getting an update written but thought I would share a short video clip instead. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Usborne in Our Auction

A few of the Usborne items we originally listed in our auction are back ordered and unavailable so the generous donor found some wonderful substitutes and I will share those below.

Bountiful Blessings & Books Auction

Don't forget to 'like' our auction page for updates! I'm trying to spotlight a different auction item every hour as I know it is time consuming to look through all the items in one sitting and we don't want you to miss anything!

(This first set of pictures are the new items and clicking on the pictures will take you to them.)


(The items that were removed were the 15-book First Reading Set, the Find a Duck book and the Big Book of Things to Spot book.)

The Usborne books below are still available in our auction (but these pictures aren't clickable) and you can find them here:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Auction is open for bidding!

Bidding has begun!

Please share the link and go take a look!!

The pictures below are not clickable...
they do not take you to the books but are just posted 
to give you a look at all our new, signed and like new books available. 
I did not post pictures of the used books-many more to look through!

(The first 11 collages are all NEW/SIGNED books !)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Children's Book Auction Starts July 21st!

With our final home study and USCIS fees needed ASAP, we decided to bump our auction up sooner so that would help with covering those.

I stopped counting but we have over 500 children books, including over 150 NEW & SIGNED books, up for auction in our Blessings & Books Auction!

Bidding starts this Tuesday, on July 21st and ends Aug 4th at 10PM EST. 

(If you aren't on Facebook but want to bid, let me know and I can post your bids for you. You should still be able to see the album of pictures.)

Please help us by sharing the link!

Here is a tiny sample of some of the new and/or signed books available:

New, signed

New, signed

 New, from Usborne