Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Auction, Giveaway, Matching Grant & Court Countdown

Our Changing Lives auction started this past weekend and is off to a great start!
90 great items-go check it out :)

Bidding ends on Feb 2nd at 10PM EST.

Starter Chicken Coop Giveaway from Urban Coop Company!

Entries are available from now through February 19th.
A winner will be drown at 2pm EST on the 19th.
We are raising the funds for the two one-way tickets to bring our children home!

$10 - 1 entry
$25 - 5 entries
$50 - 15 entries
**Free entry for sharing


Matching Grant Update

We have $1,028.83 towards our $5k match so far.
Just $3971.17 to go!

Proceeds from our Changing Lives Auction and our
Chicken Coop Giveaway both go towards helping us meet our match.

We can accept tax-deductible donations towards it here as well:



Court is in two days...around 4:30am EST on Friday. Please pray for a favorable decision from the judge!

Please keep our daughter in your prayers as she has to appear at court to give her answer on whether she wants to be adopted. Please pray for both of the kids as they have a lot of changes to come and I know there will be a lot of fear and loss involved in that. It will be exciting and scary at the same time. Pray for us as we prepare our home and family and ourselves for their arrival, and in the months ahead as we learn how to parent them.

I will update after the court decision on Friday!
Thank you <3

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Changing Lives Auction: Spring Edition! Jan 24-Feb 2nd

Our final auction is coming up fast! We are still working on gathering items to add to it and will be working on some handcrafted items this week to include.

We had to move the auction start date back a little bit so bidding now starts on January 24th and ends on February 2nd!

Here is the direct album link where you can take a look at all the great items being added :)

We were thrilled to get to finally Skype with Ella  & Sam this past week and tell them the wonderful news of our upcoming court date. They are so ready to come home and have been so patiently waiting for that day for so long. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get them home before Ella's 12th birthday as she was hoping, but it should be shortly after that.

Update on our matching grant...there has been no movement at all since it was announced. We only receive the funds that are matched and we need to match it all order to be fully funded. We are hopeful that our Changing Lives Auction will help get us a little bit closer to reaching that goal.

If you would like to help, we can accept tax-deductible donations here:

Thank you for keeping us, our children and our adoption in your prayers! We are so close to the end and are just ready to have them home and start living life together. Lots of plans for the days ahead but right now we have to focus on raising the final funds.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Court Date!!

We have a court date!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

On January 29th, 2016 at 11:15am their time, a judge will make the decision on whether Ella and Sam will become our son and daughter!!! <3

Ella will have to appear at court because of her age. Hopefully we will get to Skype tomorrow and tell them the happy news!

(Please pray that we will be able to raise the last of our funds quickly. We are $4,266.17 away from meeting our $5k matching grant. We only receive the amount we match and we need all of it matched to be fully funded.)

Donations are tax-deductible! (Sutton Family) 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Family Tree Update #1

I didn't realize the unused funds in our adoption account from before our matching grant was received counts towards it so we have $733.83 towards it already! 

Just $4266.17! 

Our goal is to be down to only needing $4k to meet our match by the end of the week. 

For every $50 in our fund, we are coloring in a hand on our family tree. 

Here is the updated picture:

MOJ Signature!

We found out this morning that we have the new Ministers signature on our dossier!! Our dossier will be at court on Wednesday waiting to be assigned to a judge and then a court date. 

Please pray for:

1. A quick court date.
2. That we don't get the judge who requires extra paperwork.
3. That the funds needed for our final agency fee due at court come in. (We need just over $600).

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Family Tree Matching Grant Progress

We created a visual to show the progress of meeting our matching grant. There are 100 hands on our 'Family Tree' and each hand represents $50. Once all the hands are colored in, we will have met our matching grant of $5k and will be fully funded for our adoption! We don't have a lot of time to meet this...

Any gift of any size would be a huge blessing to help get us closer! Five people donating $10 each or two people donating $25 each or 100 people donating $50 each...every $50 benchmark reached in our fund and we will color in a hand to chart the progress in a fun way. 

We can accept tax-deductible donations here: (Sutton Family) 

Your donations are doubled and go to help our children come home!

Thank you!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year & Matching $5k!!

Tomorrow starts the year Ella and Sam will become our son and daughter! I wonder if they are as excited as we are? 

We should hear any day what our court date is and I can't wait to see the picture of them outside the courthouse on the day it becomes official. Because of their ages, they have to be present for court.

We are very busy preparing for them coming home. Room remodels, clothing to purchase, new chore systems in place, schooling to figure out, furniture rearranging and lots of gathering of activities and things we can do as a family being brainstormed and prepared to help with the attachment and adjustment of everyone.

We received a huge surprise by email tonight...

Praise the Lord for this generous, amazing blessing!!

Thank you Pure & Faultless!!

We have a $5k matching money challenge!!

Once we raise $5k, Pure & Faultless will generously match that with another $5k and then...

We will be fully funded for our adoption of the siblings!! 

Any gift of any size would be a huge blessing to help us meet our match! We can accept tax-deductible donations here: (Sutton Family) 

Would you please consider joining in on our journey to make 2 orphans a loved and treasured son and daughter? 

Thank you so very much <3 <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Changing Lives Auction: New Life...A Family And A Future

We are preparing for our final Changing Lives Auction for January 20-Feb 2, 2016!

Our court date, the date Ella & Sam will officially become our son and daughter, is what we are waiting on now and we expect it will be in January. We will be traveling approximately one month later to bring them home. 

They have waited their whole lives to have a family of their own, and watched a lot of children go home to their families while they still waited. Ella and Sam are biological siblings and will get to grow up together. They will escape the prejudice they face in their birth country due to their ethnicity and poverty. They won’t be a statistic when they age out of their group home by becoming a victim of sex trafficking or suicide. Instead they will experience hope, being loved, and an opportunity to fulfill their dreams for the future.

Our theme for this auction is “New Life”

Our new children will be home in the Spring and it seemed fitting to have our final auction include items that represent Spring, ‘New Life’ and Easter. Ella and Sam will be beginning a new life very soon and we imagine that will be full of wonder, curiosity and some fear of everything to come but also much loss for everything they will have to leave behind.

We covet your prayers for our children as they will soon be starting a grand new adventure by bravely traveling across the world to join our family. We are finishing up preparing for their homecoming and this auction is to help ease the burden of the final adoption expenses remaining.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, we can accept those here (Go down to 'Sutton Family'):

Thank you all <3

Thursday, December 10, 2015

PPR #2 and Adoption Update

Today we had Esther's second PPR visit. This year has flown. She went from looking like a baby to a big girl in a matter of months! 

An update on our adoption...

Our Visa interview went well and our Article 5 was picked up on December 4th. It went through translation and authentication and was resubmitted today to await the MOJ sig. After that it will be assigned to a judge and then a court date. Current timelines are very average of only 6 weeks between Article 5 and court?!  So we are hopeful that timeline might continue despite the officials there resigning this week.

This means that we potentionally only have 4-6 weeks left to raise the last of our adoption funds....just under $9k. We are working on a few more grant applications this coming week. Up to this point we have only received denials but we aren't giving up yet. We are also preparing for our final adoption fundraiser for the end of January. 

Please keep Ella and Sam in your prayers for their health and safety. There is a lot going on in the world right now and it is hard to ignore their proximity to it. 

Please also pray for provision for the last of our funding needs. 
* Around $550 needed by the end of Dec to cover the last of our foreign agency fees.
* $2400 needed for our PPRs
* Estimated $6k needed for our pickup trip (including flights, hotel, food, medicals and orphanage donation)

We can accept tax-deductible donations here: (Go down to Sutton Family Adoption)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Article 5 - Visa Interview

Our Visa interview was today and went well so Article 5 should be picked up on Friday! It will take about a week for translation and authentication before being resubmitted to wait for a signature again. After the signature, we get assigned to a judge who schedules our court date. Timelines are going much quicker than they used to so we are hopeful. 

I'm waiting on our FBI clearances to come back so I can send those to be apostilled. Please pray our remaining documents will be back and ready to send to EE with a friend traveling over there in a couple weeks. 

Next Wednesday is Esther's second PPR. We are working on organizing our home and and getting the girls room set up as much as possible before she gets here.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Meet Ella & Sam

We would like you to meet Samuel (Sam) and Eleanor (Ella), the siblings we are working hard to bring home next year as our son and daughter. 

We recently returned from our first trip to get to know them and we are praying the last phase of our adoption goes smoothly and quickly so they will be home ASAP! 

Please keep them in your prayers...their health and safety...and for their hearts to be prepared for all the life changes to come.

We are just under $10k away from being fully funded!! If anyone would like to help make a difference in the lives of two sweet children who have waited their whole lives for a family, we can accept tax-deductible donations here:

Thank you <3

It's been...

10 months since Esther came home...

A year ago this week, Esther became our daughter! 

It's been 2 years and 10 months since Ben came home...

3 years ago this week, he became our son!

Happy Adoption month!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I800 approved!

On Friday I called to check the status of our i800 that I had mailed out on Nov 3rd and was told we were approved the day before!! 

Next step is the visa interview and article 5. We are praying it goes quick and smooth. Thanksgiving holiday may cause a bit of delay as this step is held at the US embassy in their country.


Our changing Lives auction ended with total bids of $6530! Some winners rounded up their totals so each family should receive around $2200!!

Praise the Lord!! 

We personally have enough in our fund to cover our agency fee due now plus some to go towards the agency fee due at court. 

We have under $10k still needed to be fully funded now! So far all we have received are grant denials but I have more to send out and am still hopeful. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Home from trip 1!

We returned safely from meeting our new children! We had a great trip and can't wait to bring them home. E and S are beautiful, smart, silly, shy, athletic, creative, helpful, fun and loving children who very much are looking forward to coming to America and having a family of their own. 

Please pray the final steps of our adoption go quickly and smoothly! They have been waiting too long for a family already and even though they understand we have to go home to complete more paperwork and wait for court, it doesn't make the wait any easier. We won't be able to skype between trips after all. 

Please pray for their health and safety and for their hearts to be prepared for all of the changes to come!

We are only approximately $12k away from being fully funded! Please check out this link for our current Changing Lives auction that ends tomorrow night: 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Made it!

It's 2:30 in the morning here in EE and we are wide awake thanks to our bodies thinking we are still stateside. We had a great trip despite a last minute 2.5 hr round trip jaunt to the capital for apostilles, bridge closure, the 2hr drive to the airport taking 4 hrs due to traffic/accidents, airline strikes, flight cancellations, an extra flight and layover...

But, we are here and excited for the visits ahead! We are as ready as we can be and so nervous about what to expect. Can't wait to tell them they will be ours. I have never visited kids able to express their thoughts and opinions, to be able to interact with us at a more cognitively appropriate level to their age. It should be  fun but something new and hence my nervousness. 

Please keep our trip in your prayers...for us, our children at home and the ones we are getting ready to meet, for wisdom and safety and memories made, comfort for our children who are missing us, for E and S-that their hearts are prepared to meet us. Thank you <3


Our giveaway of the Deluxe Kids Crooked Playhouse has ended and we were able to raise enough for all of our travel expense! 

Our Changing Lives auction is still going on and is doing great. We haven't yet reached our goal with that but I think we will by the time the auction ends. 

Please take a look at all the wonderful items up for bid! Proceeds are helping 4 children, including our 2, come home. One family has already passed court, another should be hearing any day of their court date and our adoption is being expedited as much as possible as well. 

This link takes you directly to the auction album: 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Travel Dates!

We have our written referral and travel dates....

We leave this Friday!

5 months after sending in our commitment documents, we are on our way to see them again. That doesn't seem very long but it's been over a year since I saw them last so it feels like it's been much longer. 

It's been a whirlwind the past couple weeks with finishing up the book auction, getting our verbal referral, starting the Kids Crooked Playhouse Giveaway and preparing for our Changing Lives Auction. Throw in 3 birthdays and 4 doctors appointments and everyday life...

Never dreamed we would be traveling this soon! 

I still have a lot to do...finish the kids photo books, pack, stock the food for everyone staying behind, get the van and house cleaned up...schedule our stage 2 dossier medicals and find a time to go get fingerprints done to update our FBI clearance....and the Changing Lives auction ends shortly after we get back so I will be working on getting that wrapped up and everything shipped out before Thanksgiving and then there are some more grants applications to send in. 

Needless to say, we will be taking a break during the month of December from fundraising to rest. 

Prayers are coveted! 

Our playhouse giveaway ends tomorrow. This is the most current picture I have, though 4 more entries were claimed since I made it. Just 39 entries to go! 

Event page is here for more details on how to enter:

Our auction has begun! We have some amazing items donated-go take a look! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Limited Entry Kids Crooked House Deluxe Playhouse Giveaway

We need to do some fast fundraising!

Limited Entry Kids Crooked House Deluxe Playhouse Giveaway
This is a limited entry giveaway! 
There are only 225 entries available...


1. "Give a home' by donating $25 to our tax-deductible adoption fund to 'buy a house' on our chart:…/pure-and-faultless

This gives you one entry, which is worth 5 tickets (or 5 times that your name is entered into the giveaway)

***NO limit to the number of entries!***

1. Blog about the giveaway to get one free ticket - must post the link in the comments here or in the event page on FB
2. Share the link to the event page on FB and tag me (Amanda Sutton) so I can verify it

This chart will be kept updated daily as entries are taken!

A winner will be drawn once ALL 225 entries are taken and our goal date is to end this on November 4th and announce a winner on November 5th!

The FB event page is here for easy posts to share:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Almost Half Way Funded!

We are almost to the halfway funded point for our estimated $32k adoption costs!

Just $290 to go and we will have raised and paid $16k in just 4 months!

It was a lot of work to get to this point as we have had to fundraise for every dollar of that. God is providing and we will continue working hard to bring them home. 

Here is the breakdown of our upcoming Fees:

Immediate Need:

Agency fee for dossier expenses: $350 (needed NOW)

Trip 1 Airline Tickets: $3k (needed by Nov 1st)
Trip 1 In Country Expenses: $1k (needed by Nov 15)
Visas: $640 (Needed by Nov 15)
Third Program Fee: $1500 (Needed by Dec 1)

Needed by March/April 2016
Final  Program fee due after court: $1400
Trip 2 Expenses: Estimated $6k 
Post Placement Fees: $2400

$16,290 needed to be fully funded

If you would like to help us chip away at these fees, we can accept tax-deductible donations here (100% goes to us, no fees are taken out!):

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pure and Faultless

Today we blessed by the generosity and kindness of a stranger who heard our story and wanted to help!

Yesterday, I was getting discouraged as I thought about the $750 we were short of raising in the book auction, and the $6k we will need in November, half of that as soon as two weeks from now...

I just kept praying "Lord you know our need, we trust and have faith that you will provide. Help me not to worry or doubt." His hand has been evident every step we have taken to bring the siblings home starting over a year ago. We could not have orchestrated the way things have worked out to get where we are right now and we are so grateful!

We spent all day today working on packaging up the books and were able to get 30 packages mailed out today. Work is a good distraction :) Hopefully the rest will go out tomorrow, just in time to get ready to launch our big giveaway and start the event page for our next Changing Lives auction.

Today we received a message from the director of She said they had received an email from someone who wanted to help, all because a post with our blog and need was shared and they saw it! They are sending a check for $400! That means we are only $350 short of our goal to cover the last of our dossier fees.

Praise the Lord!!

It was the encouragement I needed and an answer to prayer. A reminder to 'not grow weary'. Galatians 6:9

Thank you, friend, for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for blessing our family and helping in a huge way <3


Through this, we learned we could set up a fund on Pure and Faultless that would allow us to accept tax-deductible donations and 100% goes to our adoption. Nothing is taken out for fees like it is on our PureCharity and GoFundMe pages. This is possible because of the generosity of others who donated specifically to help cover those fees. They are even able to wire fees to our EE agency for us! Oh how I wish we had learned about this option from the beginning of our adoption. We went ahead and got it set up today and will be working on closing down the other two this week.